What Makes Us Tick

The best ideas are often the answer to a plaguing question – Some of those questions seek for answers such as how can I run faster? Work smarter? Play harder? Those answers take us to the edge of our abilities and imaginations.

Other questions come from challenges whether it be physical, mental or emotional.

My study of traditional herbal medicine started with the former question and was fueled by the latter.

periwinkle flower and mortar

At Vintage Herbals you won’t find Western Medicine Hate-talk, anti-vax speeches or Holier-Than-Thou Earth goddess speak.

It is my hope and my mission to respect both the modern and the traditional – to fuse the energies and strengths of natural herbal remedies from around the world, making them better together than they ever could be apart. Embracing the true practice of traditional herbalism in a modern world values all that is available – just as our ancestors did, in an endeavor to add more tools to answer the questions that mean the most.

Feel better, live longer, breathe easier and fully embrace this amazing, splendor-filled world and all it has to offer.